ARCO Beverage Group Provides Repeat Client Adams Beverages with Best-In-Class Facility Solutions for Growing Business


ARCO Beverage Group recently completed a 91,530 SF beverage distribution facility expansion including a 74,100 SF CEW, 3,600 SF cooperage canopy, 10,563 SF office, and 3,267 SF maintenance building for repeat client, Adams Beverages! With a need for additional warehouse and cooler capacity, as well as office space, ARCO worked with the Adams team to determine the most cost-effective and functional solution to meet the needs of their growing business.


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As a design-builder and a partner to the Adams Beverages team, ARCO was involved in the project’s earliest planning stages. Drawing on years of experience providing design and construction solutions for the beer and beverage industry, ARCO presented the Adams Beverages team with multiple options to renovate an existing space, build a new facility, or expand their current facility. As a standard due diligence service provided to clients, ARCO evaluated each option based on the following criteria in order to allow Adams Beverages to make a fully informed decision.

  • Feasible construction layouts
  • Building size
  • Site constraints
  • Project cost

Ultimately, Adams Beverages decided to expand their existing Charlotte facility as this was not only the most cost-effective solution but also the best location. The expansion allowed them to maintain the benefits of their current location, as well as maximize the efficiency of their existing space and current site.

Utilizing a design-build approach, ARCO completed preliminary design, solicited hard bids from subcontractors based on those designs, and provided Adams Beverages with a firm, lump sum price proposal. Immediately upon being awarded the project, ARCO completed full design and buyout simultaneously. This, combined with ARCO’s national buying power, allowed for long lead time items such as structural steel and roofing to be purchased right away, saving valuable overall schedule time.

Prior to construction beginning, ARCO conducted a comprehensive review of site conditions including engaging a geotechnical contractor. The initial geotechnical report indicated that substantial, costly ground improvements would be needed to support the building. However, ARCO conducted further due diligence and solicited a second report from another geotechnical engineer. Based on the second report, ARCO was able to determine a much more cost-effective solution, resulting in approximately $1 million in savings.

Additionally, ARCO developed a strategic plan for phasing scopes of work to ensure Adams Beverages could remain operational through the entire project and to minimize costly interruptions and delays from construction and site development activities. For example, ARCO strategically phased site work and sequenced building construction, built temporary lots/truck facilities, and worked hours when building operations were not taking place, such as weekends and holidays.

Because construction activities often took place while Adams Beverages’ employees were working inside the facility, ARCO implemented additional safety measures above and beyond typical project standards, which resulted in a safe work environment for everyone onsite and zero safety incidents.

To meet Adams Beverages’ need for additional capacity, the project included a 74,100 SF CEW expansion, a 3,600 SF cooperage canopy, and a new 3,267 SF maintenance building. It also included a 2,666 SF draught cooler and 8,370 SF loading bay addition inside the existing building. The space was designed to accommodate increased product lines and SKU counts, as well as state-of-the-art warehouse equipment such as a 3-level semi-automated pick module with a pneumatic conveyor system.

ARCO also made several additional upgrades to the existing 102,957 SF facility including replacing the roof, repainting and recaulking, demolishing and removing the refrigeration systems to accommodate new rooftop HVAC packaged units, and demolishing and replacing the original office space.

Adams Beverages remained fully operational while all work was taking place, and they were able to provide their clients with the dependable service they are known for without skipping a beat throughout the entire process.

Overall, the project increased Adams Beverages’ distribution capability from 6.3 million cases to approximately 10 million cases.

Project Details:

  • 91,530 SF Beverage Distribution Facility Expansion Including 74,100 SF CEW Expansion, 10,563 SF Office, 3,267 SF Maintenance Building, & 3,600 SF Cooperage Canopy
  • 8,370 SF Loading Bay Addition in Existing Facility
  • 2,666 SF Draught Cooler Addition in Existing Facility
  • 12 Dock Positions
  • Insulated & Uninsulated Tilt-Up Concrete Panels
  • Conventional Steel Roof Framing
  • 32’ Clear Height
  • Tumbled Thin Brick Façade at Office Exterior
  • Accommodations for 3-Level Semi-Automated Pick Module with Pneumatic Conveyor System
  • Demolition & Removal of Existing Refrigeration Systems to Accommodate New Rooftop HVAC Packaged Units
  • Assisted in Attaining Mechanical & Electrical Energy Rebates
  • Demolition of Existing 22,000 SF Office
  • Re-Roof of Existing 102,957 SF Building
  • Coordinated Site Development & Construction to Allow for Ongoing Operations

This marked the second project ARCO partnered on with Adams Beverages, previously completing an 83,000 SF renovation of their distributorship in Pollocksville, North Carolina. ARCO’s third project for Adams Beverages – a new 107,862 SF beverage distributorship in Leland – is currently under construction. ARCO Beverage Group is proud to continue its partnership with the Adams Beverages team!

About Adams Beverages:

Adams Beverages is a local family-owned beverage distributor, serving customers throughout North Carolina and Alabama since 1937. Since the very beginning, they’ve had one focus: getting quality beverages to the people. Today, Adams Beverages services 28 counties in NC and 38 counties in AL.

About ARCO Beverage Group:

ARCO Beverage Group is the nation’s largest builder of beverage distributorships, having constructed or made modifications to 170 beverage distribution facilities nationwide. As the beer industry experts, ARCO understands the space utilization, product storage, rotation, temperature control requirements, and many other factors that beverage facilities may require. From expertly designed draught coolers and refrigerated warehouses to attractive and efficient office spaces, ARCO’s design/build process provides clients with the highest quality construction and the best value.

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